​Executive Search & Selection with Recruit for Good

Recruit for Good has redefined the way in which Executive Search and Selection is carried out.

Not only do you receive the best recruitment service available, you also save money and create Shared Value, whilst enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility profile. This helps enable your organisation to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, whilst expanding your market place as a result of Community support that comes as you change the market place dynamics in your favour. The result is better and more sustainable business for your Organisation, its People and the Community.

With the focus on your organisation and Executive Management, Recruit for Good brings the expertise to analyse and understand the requirements of the executive role in terms of skills, cultural and personality fit. This includes an exercise in role clarity to ensure all requirements, competencies and expectations are fully and clearly defined and aligned with organisational purpose and objectives.

We support both the client and the newly appointed executive through the first 6 months of employment, working together to assist with integration into the senior management team and the organisation. This provides a process for the successful candidate to “hit the ground running”; to fast track organisational alignment, setting the foundations for career satisfaction, sustainability and
high performance. The impact of recruiting the right executive, at the right time, into the right role in support of organisational purpose and objectives will have profound and positive flow-on effects throughout your organisation, creating real and sustainable value.

Organisational Integration

At Recruit for Good, unlike most Executive Search firms, our responsibility does not end when the successful executive candidate commences. We work together with your organisation’s executive hiring manager to help integrate the newly recruited executive into your team for a period of 6 months. This involves follow up meetings and executive coaching processes with both the newly hired
executive and the hiring manager from your organisation - setting the scene for the integration and alignment of the newly appointed executive with your organisation.

Methodology & Process

The most valuable assets of any organisation are its people. Ensuring you have the “right people in the right jobs at the right time” enables responsiveness to the challenges of change, and realistic, sustainable high performance. At innovate360 we work with you to achieve this as follows:

  • Role clarification – creating a brief and concise distillation of the “true essence” of the role, additional to your more generic Job Description

  • Executive search, utilising a mixture of online advertising and our extensive global executive network built across the last 25 years

  • Profiling of potential candidates in accordance with your HR policies and procedures

  • Behavioural interviews based on requirements of the role to establish job fit in terms of skills and experience required

  • A short list of suitably qualified candidates is then prepared and presented, along with an executive summary

  • Candidates are selected and client interviews conducted

  • Reference checks are carried out, focused around client post interview feedback

  • Once the successful candidate has been identified, Recruit for Good will work with your organisation to have
    employment contracts agreed and signed

  • During the first month of the successful executive commencing work with your organisation, Recruit for Good will commence the integration process by meeting with your organisation’s hiring
    manager and the successful candidate for feedback and executive coaching / mentoring

  • There will be further executive integration meetings held across the initial 6 months after employment has commenced. This provides the ability to fast track executive alignment to maximise value for the new executive, your senior management team and the organisation as a whole

Real and sustainable value.

Recruit for Good consultants are available at a National, regional and local level to assist Executive recruitment. To find the "best fit" executives for your organisation, creating the foundation for sustainable high performance please contact Recruit for Good.

For more information of Executive recruitment, please contact Recruit for Good today.