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Projects that need funding

Projects That Need Funding

Recruit For Good provides Charities & NFPs with a new and proven means of fundraising via the business operational expenditure on recruitment. As business recruits staff, 20% of the Recruit For Good fee is donated to charity. This provides business a means of directing donations to fund tangible projects. For example, a business that plans on recruiting 10 staff utilising the services of recruitment agencies would generate donations in the order of $30,000.00 with Recruit For Good, which could be directed towards a charity for a specific project, or a specific product or service purchase. Based on industry standard recruitment fees, this business would save approximately $60,000.00 in recruitment fees with Recruit For Good.

If you are a Charity or NFP and have projects that require funding, please contact us today.

If you are recruiting staff and would like the donations generated via the Recruit For Good donation of 20% of the fee to be directed to one of the projects listed, please contact us today.

NFP Projects that require funding (Coming Soon!)

We are inviting NFPs to list projects or purchases they need to assist their cause. ​​​