Recruit for Good attains Social Traders Certification

10 February 2020 Andrew McGarry

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​Recruit for Good is pleased to announce that we have recently attained Social Traders Certification, joining a community of Australian businesses that are driven by a social purpose.

Social Traders links business and government buyers with social enterprises. Since 2008, Social Traders has facilitated deals between government and business buyers and social enterprises worth $105 million and supported 700 jobs for disadvantaged people.

Recruit for Good is a supplier of recruitment services, that donates 20% of all fees to a charity or NFP as nominated by our clients. Our primary social purpose is to generate financial assistance to Not For Profit (“NFP”) organisations towards the resolution of social and environmental issues through the provision of recruitment services to commercial, Government and NFP sectors. As a supplier of recruitment services, we are pleased to join a network of 320 social enterprises and 73 buyer members.

Our goal in joining this network is to connect with like-minded organisations and provide recruitment services to a greater number of Australian businesses, NFPs and government agencies so as to generate more donations for the NFP sector and increase the positive impact we are having across the community.

To demonstrate the impact of the recruitment services provided by Recruit for Good, we have a National, Sydney based client for which we have recruited 80 people across the last 3 years, saving them an estimated $500,000.00 in recruitment fees and generating $170,000.00 in donations to help build an aged care facility to cater for Sydney’s aging homeless population.

We look forward to working with the Social Traders team, the network of social enterprises and the network of buyer members, as we increase the impact we have across the community.

For more information, or to be a part of the new way of recruitment, please contact Andrew McGarry at Recruit for Good today.