Recruit for Good, a Recruitment agency operating as a social enterprise, donating 20% of all fees to Charity

What makes us different

​What makes us different

  • We are a team of passionate people, who believe that recruitment can be a force for good

    Recruit for Good, Certified B Corporation Ethical Recruitment Agency
  • In addition to great recruitment outcomes, we generate positive publicity, marketing communications, CSR and Business Development outcomes

  • We charge less than the majority of commercial recruitment agencies, reducing client recruitment cost

  • We operate as a Social Enterprise, donating 20% of fees to a charity of our client’s choice. Donations are attributed to the fundraising efforts of our client

    Recruit for Good, Social Traders Certified Recruitment Agency
  • We provide a new mechanism by which clients can generate positive publicity, build trust, create community goodwill and enhance social licence to operate

  • We help create a sense of purpose which is visible to staff, the marketplace and the community

  • We provide a mechanism to improve staff retention and to attract more talent

  • We are able to assist clients in selecting a charity aligned with issues of importance to their customers. We are also able to facilitate introductions

  • We have a transparent fee structure

    Recruit for Good, making a difference across the community
  • People come first. Money is important, but not the priority. We need to be commercially viable to have the greatest impact upon business, the community and people

  • We complement our workforce with highly skilled people employ people that value workplace flexibility e.g. Work at Home Mums, Retirees & young adults

  • We have been audited, and certified by independent bodies as having ethical business practices and an ethical business model that generates funding to assist in the resolution of social and environmental issues of concern for the benefit of all

Recruit for Good - Recruitment services provided as a Social Enterprise