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Social Procurement

Working with the Victorian State Government?


Have Social Benefit expenditure targets to meet?


Recruit for Good is a Social Traders Certified recruitment agency that places people before profits, that operates with integrity, giving back to the community. Recruiting high calibre, highly engaged talent for both the business & Not For Profit (“NFP”) sectors, Recruit for Good donates 20% of all recruitment fees to a NFP nominated by our client. As clients recruit staff they generate donations for their chosen NFP which assists them with:

  • Attracting & retaining high calibre, highly engaged staff

  • Generating positive publicity across the community

  • Building trust & community goodwill

  • Positioning as being ethical, trustworthy & community minded

  • Creating an environment conducive to business growth

  • Establishing competitive advantage

  • Meeting social benefit expenditure targets

For more information on how to make your recruitment budget count towards social benefit expenditure requirements under the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework, please contact Recruit for Good.

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