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Ethical Recruitment Australia

Not only is Recruit for Good an ethical provider of recruitment services, we donate 20% of all recruitment fees to a charities nominated by our clients.

Recruitment is so much more than simply finding talent. It is all about people. It has an impact upon you, your staff, the families of everyone in your workplace, your customers, your suppliers and the community as a whole. When business works with Recruit for Good, the benefits extend far beyond finding the right person for your organisation.

Recruit for Good, your B Corp Certified Ethical Recruitment Agency

​As a Social Enterprise, Recruit for Good donates 20% of all recruitment fees to a charity of our client’s choice. The impact of this is huge! It helps to weave a thread of purpose through the organisation, extending out across the marketplace.

When the nominated charity is aligned with assisting in the resolution of social issues of concern to your customers, or potential customers, it creates a new means of generating positive publicity, building trust and generating community goodwill, all of which are highly conducive to business growth and competitive advantage

When you Recruit for Good, you:

  • Attract and retain high calibre highly engaged staff

  • Reduce cost

  • Support the community

  • Generate positive publicity

  • Grow your business

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