Social Procurement + Talent Acquisition = The Road To Purpose & Competitive Advantage

15 April 2018 Andrew McGarry

Competitive Advantage With Recruit For Good Mid 2

​What if the way in which you hired staff could become the point of difference that generates a distinct competitive advantage whilst making your organisation an employer of choice?

What if the money you spend on external recruitment services were to result in outcomes that make significant contributions to your marketing and Public Relations functions?

What if your recruitment budget could help drive more business, creating positive brand awareness?

What if you were also able to reduce your recruitment spend, on average, by 30 – 50%?

With the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise model of recruitment, this is all achievable. And more! We provide a full recruitment service on a local, national and international basis. We also do this at rates that are typically 30 – 50% less than market median rates. With the fees we charge, we donate 20% to a charity of our clients choosing. We work with clients to help align their products, services and brand to a social cause that is important to them, their customers and their marketplace. We help to bridge the gap between NFP and commercial sector organisations, assisting both in working together to achieve common goals. In doing so, it paves the way for business and the NFP sector to work together towards the resolution of social issues, creating more meaningful and human focused products and services, better business whilst contributing in a positive way to community well-being.

The Recruit for Good Social Enterprise recruitment model offers business a great mechanism for commencing a Shared Value journey. It also provides a means for organisations already along their Shared Value pathways to magnify the Shared Value impact and further amplify positive PR messages via community NFP leaders.

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