Recruit for Good Social Enterprise model of recruitment recognised at the 2018 Optus MyBusiness Awards in Sydney

15 November 2018 Julie Morrison

Award Recruit For Good

​Leading entrepreneurs & industry figureheads come together for the 2018 Optus mybusiness Awards held in Sydney last Friday night. The Optus mybusiness Awards represent “Australia’s longest-standing business awards bench marking the success of the best business operators”, regularly attracting thousands of entries from Australia’s most innovative and forward-thinking organisations.

Recruit for Good (Previously innovate360, prior to rebranding in January 2020), with its unique Social Enterprise model of recruitment challenges traditional paradigms for recruitment, corporate social responsibility, public relations, marketing and communications in an effort to achieve more, with less, for the benefit of the community, business and people. Through taking a holistic approach and considering recruitment in the context of business and its place within the community, Recruit for Good has developed a unique recruitment service that incorporates the resolution of social issues of importance to the community as part of organizational “Business as Usual” operations. This provides a collaborative approach beneficial to both parties. For business, it provides high calibre, highly engaged staff, reduces costs and creates a means of generating trust, building community goodwill and enhancing social licence to operate. For Charities and Not for Profit's, it provides an ongoing and sustainable source of funding. Recruit for Good, via it’s Social Enterprise business model acts as a bridge between Business and the Not for Profit Sector enabling collaboration for the benefit of all parties.

Recruit for Good charges considerably less than the majority of commercial recruitment agencies and donates 20% of all fees to a Charity or Not for Profit of the client’s choosing. The donation is attributed to the fundraising efforts of that client, providing a pathway towards Shared Value that requires no direct investment on the part of business, making it easier and attractive for business to be supporting community causes.

Speaking on this year’s awards, Director and Founder Andrew McGarry is very positive when talking about Recruit for Good.

"It is a great way for business to generate positive PR messages, build trust & create community goodwill, all of which are conducive to business growth. By charging, our objective is to make the service compelling and demonstrate what can be achieved through supporting the community. Not only does it result in great, highly engaged staff for business, it also reduces cost, promotes business growth, contributes to “employer of choice” status and creates a new pathway towards achieving competitive advantage, whilst providing a new means of funding for Charities & Not For Profits"

Recruit for Good has been operating for more than 3 years and continues to grow, redefining the process of recruitment to include community support, generation of community goodwill, cost savings and business growth on top of the recruitment of high calibre, highly engaged talent. Recruit for Good provides recruitment service in areas including Executive, Information Technology, Financial Services, Marketing & Communication, NFP and Health Services.

In insight offered by Mr McGarry in closing was that:

"Social Enterprise provides an enormous untapped resource for business growth that has the added benefit of assisting in the resolution of social issues. It supports human purpose in the workplace and brings together the functions of HR, CSR and Marketing for the benefit of business, the community and people. I am both humbled and honoured for Recruit for Good to be recognised in the Optus mybusiness Awards, alongside other leaders in innovation"

For more information of Recruit for Good's social enterprise model for the provision of recruitment services, please contact Recruit for Good today.