Reduce Recruitment Fees, Support the Community - Generate Shared Value & Competitive Advantage

15 April 2018 Andrew McGarry

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​Did you know that by recruiting 5 permanent staff a month across your organisation for a whole year with Recruit for Good, a Social Enterprise Recruitment firm, you would save, on average, $330,000.00 in recruitment fees!

You would also generate enough donations to do any one of the following:

  • Give year-round access to safe drinking water and sanitation for seven whole villages in the dry zone of Myanmar!

  • Or keep a Women’s Refuge running for a whole year!

  • Or purchase much needed diagnostic medical equipment for hospitals & research installations!

  • Or restore sight to 6,000 people that do not have access to medical treatment!

  • Or contribute significantly to medical research in areas such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, motor neuron disease, dementia, etc!

  • Or, purchase equipment to aid in rehabilitation of those who have suffered misfortune or are somehow disadvantaged!

  • Or provide respite services to families impacted by conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s!

The list goes on and on and on! So many worthy causes requiring support!

Alternatively, this model also provides a mechanism to generate sponsorship resulting in significant promotional campaigns with a Community radio broadcaster, that has a large audience for a whole year! What could this do for business growth? What could this do for your brand? Imagine the possibilities!

These figures account for 1 year's donations as per the example above. Imagine if you did this year after year! Imagine if you did this on a larger scale! e.g. You were recruiting more than 5 people a month with Recruit for Good! Imagine how your organisation would benefit from being seen as responsible for community support such as this? Imagine the positive publicity messages? Imagine the impact this would have on your brand? Imagine the impact
it would have on staff?

By helping to resolve social issues of importance to your customers and market place is a demonstration of human purpose, that generates a positive disposition within the community to your organisation, its products and its services. Human nature is to support those who support them. It becomes a way of linking commercial success with social progress within the market place. It is a win for business, its people and the community.

Imagine if you will an insurance company developing a new suite of insurance products aimed at younger people who are fit and healthy and do not see the value of insurance. The conventional path would be to develop the concept with Business Analysts and Actuaries and hire a temporary workforce to assist in the development of these new products. Marketing collateral would be developed, and a PR / market awareness campaign would be initiated, along with a product launch. Based on a typical scenario, utilising the majority of contract recruitment organisations, the cost of contract labour could be as high as $5 million dollars. Then add in the cost of marketing, public relations and advertising. The costs very quickly escalate.

Let us re imagine this scenario using the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise model of recruitment. Prior to any contract labour being hired, Recruit for Good would look to involve NFP leaders in areas that would be important
to the audience being targeted by the insurer to sell its new products. Recruit for Good would facilitate discussions whereby the insurer and the NFP could share their objectives and take a collaborative pathway towards a common set of goals. In this example, it maybe that a NFP that provides rehabilitation and support services to young adults not covered by private health insurance and without income protection insurance is involved. It may be that this NFP can provide input that could assist in product validation. Using the same assumptions as above, the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise recruitment model would save the insurance company close to $350,000.00 in recruitment agency fees and generate a donation of approximately $130,000.00 to the NFP.

Imagine a picture of the CEO of the insurance company handing over a cheque for $130,000.00 to the CEO of the NFP, along with the message that the insurance company genuinely cares about the wellbeing of younger adults. Imagine the impact that the NFP promoting via social media and other channels the merits of the insurance company, delivering positive messages about their support and praising them for developing insurance products purpose built for younger adults, who are physically fit and healthy.

By using the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise recruitment model, the insurance company saves almost $350,000.00 as it generates a new means of creating positive publicity messages that assist in the promotion of its new products. It also demonstrates human purpose to its employees, helping to create a sense of positive wellbeing. This assists in staff retention and attraction. It also demonstrates commitment to the marketplace, a genuine care to be a part of the community rather than simply a commercial supplier of products and services.

Through re imagining your supply chain, you can shift the community’s perception of your organisation from simply being that of supplier to being an integral part of the fabric of the community. A great new path towards the creation of competitive advantage.

Social procurement, provides a commercially sensible and very practical pathway toward proving the shared value concept and growing it incrementally, in a way that saves money, creates business growth and minimises risk.

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