A New & Proven Source of Fundraising for the NFP Sector

13 February 2019 Andrew McGarry

Recruit For Good Social Enterprise 2

​A new innovation in Social Enterprise provides the NFP Sector with a revolutionary new and untapped source of funding via business operational expenditure. It provides business with a means of supporting the community financially in a commercially sensible way, whilst reducing cost and generating community goodwill as they hire new staff. A win-win for all!

Linking Business Success to the Resolution of Social Issues - Creating Shared Value !

As funding dollars become more difficult to obtain, Recruit for Good, a Social Enterprise, provides the NFP sector with a new means of generating funding from business via “business as usual” operational expense of recruitment. This paves the way for collaboration between business and the NFP Sector to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. It provides a new and unique way for NFPs to generate their own funding from business in a way that is easily accessible, and marketable to business. Support the Community as you recruit High Calibre, Highly Engaged candidates.

Recruit for Good - A Recruitment Agency that operates as a Social Enterprise

Recruit for Good provides permanent and contract recruitment services to organisations that recruit staff via recruitment agencies. In doing so, it provides a new way of generating funding for NFPs and reducing business operational expenditure on Recruitment. Recruit for Good provides a full end to end recruitment services in areas including Executive, Technology, Medical, Health Services, Financial Services, Science and Engineering, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, Administration and NFP. Recruit for Good sets itself apart by:

  • Charging significantly less (up to 62% less!) to make the service compelling

  • Donating 20% of ALL fees directly to a NFP nominated by the client

  • Attributing donations to the fundraising efforts of the client, providing business with a new means of generating positive publicity as NFP’s say “thank you” via their social and other media channels

  • Assisting business to build trust, generate community goodwill and enhance social licence, all of which are conducive to business growth and competitive advantage.
    Assisting business with purpose

  • Assisting business leaders to understand and / or realise the benefits of supporting community causes

  • Assisting business to attract and retain high calibre, highly engaged candidates

Fundraising Opportunities for the NFP Sector

All elements of the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise business model for recruitment work in perfect harmony to create a positive cycle of growth, to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for both business and the NFP sector.

It creates a new opportunity for NFPs to proactively collaborate (at no cost to the NFP) with business to generate substantial funding streams as follows:

  • Collaborate with Recruit for Good to approach businesses with an offering whereby Recruit for Good provides recruitment services, which generates donations for your NFP and positive publicity for business.

  • Introduce the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise recruitment services to corporate sponsors providing a means for them to reduce their recruitment costs, whilst generating donations for your NFP and generating positive publicity.

  • Collaborate with Recruit for Good to raise funds for the purchase specific products or services required by your NFP. This would provide positive publicity for businesses as they recruit new staff and help you achieve your fundraising goals.

NFP Fundraising Potential and Scale

The Recruit for Good Social Enterprise Recruitment model is highly scalable and capable of generating donations for any social cause. If were to be applied to all agency recruitment across Australia, an estimated $2 billion per year would be generated for the NFP sector. It would also reduce costs for business by between $2 billion to $3 billion per year. Imagine the impact!

Benefits for the NFP Sector

At Recruit for Good, we are passionate about connecting people for good. In taking a holistic view, we firmly believe business is capable of playing a major role in the resolution of social issues across the community. We provide the recruitment services needed by business to attract and retaining high calibre, highly engaged staff, whilst reducing cost and generating positive PR. As a Social Enterprise we provide a revolutionary new mechanism for collaboration between business and the community, providing NFPs, at no cost, a new means to:

  • Proactively generate new, substantial and ongoing funding from businesses within the community

  • Proactively generate new, substantial and ongoing funding through existing corporate sponsors

  • Generate funding for any specific products or services required

  • Generate additional donations via work place giving and corporate sponsorship

  • Access a greater pool of skilled volunteers

  • Be introduced to new Recruit for Good clients that are looking for an NFP to support

The Impact

The Impact is Huge! For one client, innovate360 has recruited 70 staff nationally, across a 2-year period, saving the client well in excess of $200,000.00 in recruitment fees, generating donations of $140,000.00 for HammondCare Darlinghurst, to build an aged care facility to cater for Sydney’s aging homelessness population.

Donations have also been generated across the last 3 years for NFPs including: The Australian Red Cross, HammondCare, Amaze, Yfoundations, Pathfinders, ARRCS, LightFM (Community Radio) and AAPS.

A New Way of Fundraising

Contact us today if you would like your NFP to benefit from this new and sustainable way of fundraising.