Social Procurement - How Business Can Drive Renewable Energy Initiatives

16 April 2018 Andrew McGarry

Renewable Energy With Recruit For Good

Did you know that by recruiting 5 permanent staff a month across your organisation for a whole year with Recruit for Good, a Social Enterprise Recruitment firm, you would save, on average, $330,000.00 in recruitment fees! It would also generate enough donations to have a significant impact on renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions! Recruit for Good donates 20% of its recruitment fees to a Charity / NFP of our client’s choice, with the donation being attributed to our client’s fundraising efforts.

There are some great options if you have an interest in renewable energy. If, for example, you chose to direct the donations through to an organisation such as CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.), a NFP that provides a practical and effective way for ‘the people’ to collectively fund new renewable energy installations now instead of just waiting on government action, you can have a significant impact in the area of renewable energy.

In considering the CORENA quick win model, one panel pays for itself in savings across a period of 5 years. It generates 1.825 kWh and reduces CO2 emissions by 1.8t. It has a 25-year life span.

With the donations generated through using services from Recruit for Good, your organisation would fund approximately 335 panels across the year, yielding (Based on data available on the CORENA Website) the following results:

  • Across 1 year, your contribution would have generated 611.38 kWh, saving 603t of CO2 emissions

  • After 10 years, your contribution would have generated 1.834 MWh, saving 1,809t of CO2 emissions

  • After 25 years, your contribution would have generated 9.17 GWh, saving a massive 9,146t of CO2 emissions!

These figures account for 1 year's donations as per the example above. Imagine if you did this year after year! Imagine if you did this on a larger scale! i.e. You were recruiting more than 5 people a month with Recruit for Good! Imagine the impact if leadership from your organisation was to work collaboratively to help bring renewable energy to Australian Communities. Imagine the impact if this was done in a way that aligns with resolving social issues of importance to your customers!

This approach provides an opportunity to work hand in hand with community leaders to resolve social issues as part of your organisation’s "business as usual” ("BAU") activities. It is capable of

generating community good will and community support for your organisation and brand. All of this is good news for business growth. A flow on effect of this is the creation of a sense of human purpose with your workforce, that your business is ‘giving back’ and doing the right thing. Given that purpose is a key driver for millennials and consumers are becoming more socially aware, this
is a great new pathway towards competitive advantage.

This approach is also a great first step on a Shared Value journey. It brings together business and community leaders, it helps to resolve social issues of importance to your customers and the marketplace and it helps your organisation to raise its profile in a positive way conducive for business growth.

Let’s look at how this all comes about.

By being mindful of procurement decisions and taking advantage of the way in which others have reimagined their business models, provides the opportunity to achieve much greater value out of your recruitment spend. The very process of recruiting the staff you need opens up opportunities for:

  • A new approach to marketing and public relations, for which there is no direct cost.

  • Creating a sense of purpose and staff satisfaction, helping to make your organisation an employer of choice, attracting outside talent and assisting in the reduction of staff turnover.

  • A way of generating business in new markets

Using this approach to commence a Shared Value journey provides the opportunity for incremental growth. As the Recruit for Good Social Enterprise recruitment model results in substantial savings, there is the opportunity to use part or all of these savings towards incremental expansion of the Shared Value approach within your organisation.

Social Procurement - Meet your Business Needs as you Support the Community

In the example used, the ROI is irrelevant as there is no direct investment. It is funded out of the BAU operational budget. It is money that would have been spent anyway. A major additional benefit in this approach as it generates real savings that can be measured. It has immediate impact, which directly assists CEOs and Boards achieve their current business objectives and a pathway for growth. There was also no need to introduce risk through re imagining or re conceiving your business model. It provides a simple and sensible means of proving the Shared Value concept within your organisation and a path to growing it incrementally.

To learn more about how you could achieve business growth as you solve social issues of importance to your customers, without the need to invest, without the need to re imagine or re conceive your business model and in a scalable way that saves money here and now towards your current business objectives, please contact Recruit for Good today.