Social Procurement Targets to meet for Victorian Government Projects?

05 June 2020 Andrew McGarry

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​With people being such a critical element for all projects, Recruit for Good, a Social Traders Certified provider of recruitment services, has just made it a whole lot easier to meet social procurement targets for organisations providing services to the Victorian Government. Additionally, Recruit for Good can assist in meeting Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) Plan and Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) commitments.

Recruit for Good is a Melbourne based social benefit supplier of recruitment services with a very competitive fee structure, that donates 20% of all recruitment fees to client nominated Not For Profit organisations (NFPs).

Every dollar spent with Recruit for Good contributes towards achieving Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework (SPF) / Social Benefit expenditure targets. Donations generated can be directed to NFPs aligned with achieving the desired social outcomes. Your organisation takes full credit for generating donations for electing to work with Recruit for Good.

From a candidate sourcing perspective, we place an emphasis on search / research rather than simply advertising. This means we are able to assist clients in meeting workforce diversity / equality targets they may have as a natural part of the process.

Recruit for Good is B Corp Certified, further highlighting our ethical and community focused model for providing recruitment services and preference for working with local Victorian suppliers and businesses, making us a natural fit for the Victorian Government “Local Jobs First” Policy.

Our strong connections within the NFP community enables us to access a broad and diverse range of people to participate as part of the overall inclusive Victorian workforce providing business with access to a pool of exceptional, committed and highly engaged talent. e.g. For individual roles or collectively for business process outsourcing.

In all, working with Recruit for Good can assist suppliers to the Victorian Government to:

  • Recruit high calibre, highly engaged permanent and contract staff

  • Achieve a diversified and inclusive workforce

  • Achieve Social Procurement targets

  • Align with Victorian Government Department SPF Objectives & Desired Outcomes

  • Adhere to the Local Jobs First Policy and Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)

  • Deliver on commitments as specified in VIPP Plans, Local Industry Development Plans (LIDP)

  • Increase capacity to deliver social and sustainable outcome

  • Achieve competitive positioning when bidding for Government work

  • Build a positive company profile and reputation

Across the last 5 years, Recruit for Good has provided permanent, executive and fixed-term recruitment solutions across industry sectors including Finance, Technology, Sustainability, Logistics, Health and Hospitals, Aged Care and Not for Profit. Placements include:

  • CEOs / Executive Management

  • Marketing and Communications Specialists

  • Policy and Advocacy Managers

  • Finance & Accounting Staff

  • ESG Analysts

  • Quality Managers

  • Media Advisors

  • Programmers & Database Specialists

  • Human Resources Specialists

  • NFP / Fundraising specialists

  • Psychologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists

  • Administrative Staff

The Impact of Working with Recruit for Good

For one National client employing 4,000 people, we have recruited 80 staff over a 3 year period, saving $500,000+ in recruitment fees and generating $170,000.00 in donations for the HammondCare Darlinghurst Project, building an aged care facility to cater for 42 of Sydney’s most vulnerable aged homeless community. Across the last 5 years we have worked with clients generating donations for Australian Red Cross, Uniting, HammondCare, Pathfinders, Yfoundations, Amaze, Muscular Dystrophy Australia, AAPS and Australian Remote and Regional Community Support.

If your organisation is recruiting contract or permanent staff as part of an agreement to supply services to the Victorian Government, then why not make your recruitment spend count towards meeting your Social Procurement target, VIPP commitments and LIDP commitments?

For more information on how Recruit for Good can assist your organisation to deliver on commitments made in relation to the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework, please contact Andrew McGarry at Recruit for Good.