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Retained Recruitment Services

Retained Recruitment Services

The Recruit for Good retained recruitment service provides the ability to maximise the effectiveness of the recruitment exercise through utilising proven processes, methodologies and extensive experience to:

  • Attract high calibre, highly engaged candidates

  • Maximise the potential for gaining long term employees, reducing unwanted staff turnover

  • Minimise the risk of an ineffective hire and the downstream impacts and hidden costs associated with low or reduced productivity and the demotivation of other employees

  • Reduce risk through gaining an extension of the recruitment guarantee period from 3 months to 6 months

  • Minimise cost through reduced fees

  • Minimise cash flow impacts

  • Minimise the impact of the recruitment process on staff time

  • Participate in a new way of generating positive publicity, towards business growth and competitive advantage

  • The Recruit for Good Retained Recruitment service is designed for those who want predictable outcomes, maximising the potential for cost-effective and successful recruitment outcomes