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Improve Candidate and Staff Engagement

Improve Candidate and Staff Engagement with Recruit for Good

With the recruitment process being the first insight into an organisation’s processes, candidates coming via Recruit for Good see a community minded, socially conscious client. This has a strong power of attraction, resulting in candidates being more focussed and energised throughout the recruitment process. These candidates tend to be more successful in the interview process and commence in a position of being highly engaged. This of course is contagious. When existing staff see their employer generating donations for charity, it has a positive impact on staff sentiment. The same applies to potential customers in the marketplace. Organisations that hire staff with Recruit for Good, generating donations for charity, build up a positive profile across the community, build trust, generate community good will and enhance social licence to operate. This helps to attract and retain high calibre staff, increase levels of staff engagement, increase business growth and generate a competitive advantage. A win – win – win for business, the community and people!