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Contract & Temporary Staff

Contract / Temporary Staff

Recruit for Good provides a cost effective and efficient means of engaging contract and temporary staff. The Recruit for Good approach is to provide both clients and contractors with value and service quality. Our objective is to work at reasonable and sensible margins and to provide clients with the ability of choosing the margin at which we work in accordance with their payment terms. This helps to minimise cost for clients and to maximise rates for contractors.

Recruit for Good is able to provide is able to provide individual contractors to augment teams during project work, as a temporary replacement while a member of permanent staff is being found or is able to provide project teams.

Margin Transparency

The Recruit for Good mark up on contractors is transparent to both client organisations and contractors and it determined by the client, not us. The client selects the margin in accordance with its preferred payment terms. The shorter the payment terms, the lower the mark up. This enables clients to minimise costs, whilst maximising value for the project.

Purpose, Community Support & Positive Publicity with Recruit for Good

20% of the Recruit for Good margin is donated to the Charity or NFP selected by the client. When you recruit contractors with Recruit for Good, your organisation is able to support a charity towards the resolution of social issues of importance to your customers. This is great for generating positive messages across the community, building trust and goodwill. A great new pathway towards business growth and competitive advantage. It also provides a very effective way of achieving positive exposure across the community for a new product launch or other major announcement.

For more information of Recruit for Good contract and temporary staffing solutions please contact us today.